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Afianes Wines was created in 1997 at Raches, Ikaria.

Nikos Afianes, the owner and founder of the winery, started this project out of love for wine. His main goal was to give Ikaria's wine the place it deserves on the wine map of Greece and around the world.

In September 2007, the modern winery opened to the public at Profitis Ilias, Raches. It is built on a vineyard at an altitude of 610m. The "cyclopean petal", the place of traditional wine jar storage, predispose the visitor for the wine making process. In the basement of the winery there is a wine making and bottling facility as well as a special cellar for wine maturing and storage.

On the upper floor, there are the winery's office, presentation and tasting facilities and a show room with a "museum type" collection of traditional utensils. The final touch of the winery setting is a small, ancient type theater, and a traditional building designated as a vintage cellar.

Visitors have the opportunity to taste the wine in all these places whilst enjoying an imposing view to the Aegean Sea.