• 100% Begleri [beg-LE-ree]
  • 90% Steel Tank
  • 10% Old French Oak for one year
Current Vintage:
  • 2013

Tasting Notes

Strong acidity and good weight, sensible salinity and significant minerality. It has subtle aromas and a lot of complexity. As the wine ages it loses it vibrancy, gains complexity and texture. Truly a unique grape that creates one of a kind flavor profile.

Producer / Vineyard

Afianes Wines
Ikaria, Aegean Islands, Greece

The old vines are landscaped in the slopes of the mountainous island of Ikaria at different altitude zones; 350-400 meters (1150-1300 ft), 550-650 meters (1800-2100 ft) and 800-950 meters (2600-3100 ft)


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